Street art festivals are known all around the globe for their excellence in delivering both impeccable entertainment and art. The murals showcased at the festival are an incredible sight, not to mention how good the performers who keep the people entertained throughout the weekend are.
Thousands of artists offer to participate in making the annual festival a success; therefore, the city council of Fremantle has set a few steps for performers to follow in the application for the various positions.

Excellence in Your Field

One of the most important things to have is quality work. It is not easy to amaze a large crowd of people and leave them craving for more. For a performer to be in a position to administer such services, they must be excellent in their field.

Lots of experience also comes in handy because they help the artists to deliver their skills amazingly. Something that can almost ensure excellent delivery every time is mastering the culture of the people. The better a performer understands the traditions of their audience, the more successful they shall be.

A Large Crowd

Festivals are as big as the number of people attending. The success of such an event also requires there be a large number of people during the shows. One thing that the planners look for when selecting the performers is how much of a crowd an artist can bring with them.
The more significant the percentage of people the artist attracts, the higher the chances of the artist being selected to perform. Likewise, some departments specialize in boosting upcoming artists. The ability to draw crowds is essential.

Proper Registration Papers

For the planners to choose the performers, they open a window through which various performers apply for the posts. Nowadays, applications are made online through the Fremantle official website.
Meeting the deadline for registration is important because if you do not, the chances are that you will not get the job. Secondly, ensure to fill in all the required positions accurately. If fraud is detected, one cannot get the job no matter how good they are. Having a few samples to back up your registration is advised to back up your claims.

Unique Shows

The performances aim to blow people’s minds. To achieve this objective, performers must be exceptionally creative. Performing the same tricks might be useful, but the creators of the festival and also the people attending will be looking for something more.

If you have ideas on how you can deliver mind-blowing shows, then you should apply for the positions. In these festivals, being talented is not enough. People who are willing to put in the work and also go that extra step are the ones who are sought after.