Art festivals are among the platforms created to draw attention to the artists in the crowds. In these festivals, artists showcase their skills and talents through graffiti. Many cities have made street art festivals a tradition and the celebrations are held annually. In the town of Fremantle, the art festival happens around Easter of every year. For the whole Easter weekend, the entire city bursts into a vibrant party mode that resembles street theatre.

Information about how family-friendly and fun the festivals usually are has spread all over the world and now people travel from far and wide to have a taste. People who have taken the time to participate in the festivals always keep going back for more.
What makes the festivals even more unique is that they are absolutely free. Therefore, it means you get to watch the best street performances, circus, comedy and busking for free.
If you plan on attending the festival, here are a few things to expect.

A Self-Guided Stroll

Art done on public open spaces or visible from public roads is managed by the city council and therefore, artists prefer to showcase in interior parts of the city. Hence, to lay your eyes on extraordinary art, it calls for you to take a walk around the blocks.
Sometimes the trail is designed to be sort of an Easter hunt. A map is provided for you to follow and the murals become the Easter eggs. Discovering the paintings for yourself is many times more satisfying than relying on a tour guide.

Lots Of Entertainment

What is a festival without entertainment? Luckily, Fremantle people know how to throw a festival and they bring in the very best entertainers from across the globe. With all the buskers putting up shows and the street theatre, you will be spoilt for choice.

Even better, the performances are not all done at only one point throughout the festival. The performers are always on the move to make sure they hit every end of the city before the festival comes to a close. A starting point is usually provided on the programs, but after that, it is up to you to predict the next stops and catch up with the performers the following day.

An All-Inclusive Affair

People visualize festivals differently. Some relish the idea, while others feel the complete opposite. Knowing this, the staff in charge of the programs strive to make the festival fun for everyone. There are special performances and places for children to hang out and have fun.
The visually impaired are also considered and exclusive audio description shows availed to them. Also, there is a hotline available to help all persons with any kind of disability in case they run into trouble. The washrooms provided for public use are also designed to accommodate people with disabilities.

Environment-Friendly Conditions

The aim of the Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness, which sponsors the event, is to create an environment-friendly festival. The precautions start with the ban on plastics during the event.
The city provides water for free, but people have to bring their bottles. Also, people are advised to only buy food and snacks from places that offer environmentally friendly packaging and shun plastic straws. In addition, public transport is highly recommended to get to the festival.

Non-Stop Music

From folk songs to international tunes, music fills the air day and night. With all the bands and artists’ live performances, by the time the festival is over, you will still have a ring in your ears. Music is a language that speaks to people’s souls and the Fremantle people spare no effort when lifting the spirits of the people for the whole weekend.

Therefore, if you plan on attending the festival, do not forget your dancing shoes for there shall be an abundance of dancing all day and night. Don’t leave behind your singing voice either, for you would not want to miss out on the sing-alongs.