Now that spring has arrived, people are busy planning a lot of outdoor activities. The art festival is definitely one of the activities in this year’s calendar. Art festivals are very important to artists who utilize them as marketing strategies.
The events provide an opportunity for artists to directly sell and present their work to the entire public. Moreover, festive can be an excellent platform for networking.
Probably, you have plans to present your artwork in Fremantle art festival this year. The event can be a huge investment for your artwork if you utilize the festival period.
Therefore, preparing early is one of the success tips that you have to adopt. Herewith are seven preparation guidelines you should follow.

Drive Traffic into Your Booth

Fremantle art festivals are advertised on TV stations, radio, and various advertisement mediums. However, it’s your responsibility to make sure that people will come to see what you have in store for them. Therefore, on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms ensure you sensitize people about the event.
Although people will attend the festival, only a few will bother with your artwork when they don’t know you. The popular artists receive all the attention. However, when you invite people in advance, they will want to see the things you create.

Re-read Your Contract

Before you choose the booth that will best fit your artwork, you have to understand what the municipality of Fremantle requires. Going through the contract will help you to understand the type of booth recommended for the event.
Moreover, comparing the guidelines with your needs will help you to know if the festival will work according to your plans. The contracts also cover details about the fees to pay. Confirming the charges in advance will help to prevent a shock in the last minutes.

Set Objective

Marketing your artwork is obviously the main goal of the festive, but you must have other objectives as well. Probably you’ll want to meet new artists for networking, or you want to present new works in a special way.
The festive is overwhelming, especially with a lot of things going on like entertainment and shows. Hence, it’s most likely you will forget some critical plans. Thus it’s important to note down all your goals.

Packing Artworks

Many people tend to forget some things when they have to pack hurriedly. Therefore, the last minute packing may be a wrong move. Artists should organize their things some days prior to the occasion.
It’s possible to know the supplies that are out of stock when packing in advance. Nonetheless, when you notice that you don’t have some important things like bubble wrap, boxes, or storage bins, the eve before the festive begins running to the shops can ruin your plans.

Practicing Sales Techniques

You’ll have to address people coming to your booth. Therefore, develop an excellent way of approaching customers. It can be uncomfortable to talk to strangers, but you have no other option when you want to promote your work.
Role-playing is one way to practice sales techniques. Imagine your friends are buyers that you will address and practice with them.
Also, come up with questions and jokes that will stir conversation with your customers. Most importantly, learn how to convince people to buy your artwork.

Master Sales Policies

People walking into your booth will have all manner of questions, but what you shouldn’t fail to answer is about sales policies. For example, buyers will want to know if you provide discounts.
Master details about the artwork you can lower the selling price and those that their prices are constant. Moreover, payment modes are other policy factors that you have to master, and when you are asked about the banking options, you shouldn’t hesitate.

Setting Up Your Booth

The position you occupy in the art shows will determine the number of people accessing your work. For instance, when you are situated next to the entrance, everyone passing by will see what you have. With enticing artworks, passersby will be attracted and tempted to inquire about the products and their prices.
However, the scenario may be different as many people spend most of their time on the booths close to the entrance. If you are situated at the far end, then you will barely see people coming to you.