If you are in Australia and you want to attend art festivals, then the city to visit is Fremantle. It is there that you are likely to find a series of concerts, performances and art festivals. In fact, most visitors always find themselves lost for choice when they start researching on festivals and activities revolving around art that they should consider attending. Some of the most popular festivals in Fremantle include:

Fremantle International Street Arts festival

As the name suggests, this arts festival is showcased on the streets, and it brings together artists from different parts of the world. It is one of the most popular art festivals in the city, and it brings together different types of arts. It has musicians who major in different genres, painters of abstract art, people in tattoo businesses, those who make sculptors, dancers, writers, storytellers and all forms of artists. The events are always stretched within five days and are open to anyone who wants to watch. The streets are always thronged with locals and tourists who plan their schedules to coincide with the events.

Fremantle Festival

For 10 days, artists and those who want to support themselves go in the wild and get fully immersed into different forms of art. The events are always held in winter, and the artists present visual arts, theatre, music, film and live performances. The Fremantle festival is highly attended by many people, including upcoming artists who want to showcase their work. Some of the activities they do include travel, and they sometimes sit by the bonfire and watch as their art comes alive.

Australian Heritage Festival

This is held for about two days, and their theme is always on art that celebrates and promotes Australian heritage. People attending this festival will find art that promotes history, people and activities that are revered in Australia. It has a mix of art from upcoming artists and those who are just starting out. It also has storytellers who give tales of interesting facts about Australia and help in demystifying issues, especially for younger people.

Individual Artists Festivals

Other than the major events that are held annually in Fremantle, there are many other art festivals that are organised by individual artists who come together and plan for an event. The art festivals always target a specific niche. In the past, there have been art festivals for papier mache artists who ordinarily would not find a big platform to showcase there work. There have also been festivals that were held by upcoming artists whose main intention was to put their work out and have many people come to watch what they can do. These events are always held at different times, and if you want to attend, just check activities near you.